J. (gashin) wrote in no_one_the_film,


Kim, you magnificent bastard, you made me CRY. i will never forgive you!!

now i'm hoping that the "avoid re-reading and see which scenes stick around in your head" method is going to work viz. what to keep in the movie.

and all things considered, i'm not sure if i want John to die first. i'm very torn.
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Kim, you magnificent bastard,

*laughs* I want you to begin more sentences like that in general.

Also: I made you CRY?! But...but you helped in the chapter when he died! And that's like, the only sad chapter! Still, I am terribly flattered.

And tomorrow is going to be FUN. We'll order some food and then figure some stuff out. <3

The John dying first is...well, we'll discuss it tomorrow. I have two views on it and it depends on whether we go with the off-the-bridge suicide (which works better for the stage-thing) or the alternate death.