J. (gashin) wrote in no_one_the_film,

really random crap of the nonsense variety.

1) anybody ever stop to consider the fact that "Beyond Understanding" shares initials with a VERY SPECIAL title we all know and love? that's right. need i even say it? maybe i'll just let you two stew on it. i'm sure one of the two of you can figure it out.

2) Becca, i have a surprise for you. you only get it when we next meet up to, well, write... or whatever the hell else we're supposed to be doing next. (speaking of which, i'll try to get a quote on those business cards. Jess used to be copy lead so she might have a few ideas for level of quality and their corresponding prices.)

3) and, uh, on the topic of our next meeting... when is that, Musketeers?

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